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Sarah Kremen is a performer with a BA in Dance with a concentration of science from Muhlenberg College. Born and raised on Long Island, Sarah competed in dance for over ten years and received a national title at Edge National Talent Competition in 2015. She has been dancing since the age of four and has training and performance experience in tap, ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, pointe and a variety of other styles. She has collaborated in the creation of student works as well as faculty works in the Baker Theatre, Empie Theatre, and Black Box Theatre at Muhlenberg College. Her fascination of the human body, specifically how it compensates after injuries, lead her to explore the field of physical therapy. She is currently earning her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. After earning her doctorate, Sarah hopes to apply her knowledge and skills as a physical therapist to professional dancers.

Artistic Statement

As an artist, I am essentially interested in using my body as an outlet for experimentation. Particularly, I seek to explore ways in which I can vary the initiation and timing of my movement through an enhanced awareness of muscle patterning. Having done research on the mind-body connection, I am learning to be more mindful of the impact my internal emotional state has on my body and vice versa. Studying the psychological and physiological components of the human body has helped me discover the most effective ways for me to explore in my personal kinesphere. I aim to use my anatomical knowledge to create somatic practices that are safe and useful for all bodies. I will continue to deepen my movement exploration as I enrich my anatomical understandings in physical therapy school.

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